September Chapter Meeting

Please join us on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 for our presentation, ““Using Evaluation Processes to Organize Your Project !”
This session will focus on how program evaluation can serve as the key organizing tool for your project during the writing and implementation phases. This session will discuss how theories of change, logic models, driver diagrams (as used for continuous quality improvement), and dashboards for data reporting are the critical components to include in planning and implementing successful projects. This will include both high-level discussion and specific examples.   

Speaker Bio: Amy Jomantas is the author or co-author of grant applications, community plans, and proposals awarded more than $60 million in funding from local, state, federal government as well as local and national foundations, and has considerable experience in managing the implementation of these projects in housing development, human services, behavioral health, and education.  Ms. Jomantas has a Masters in Counseling from Wright State University and serves as an adjunct instructor for the School of Public and International Affairs at Wright State.  She has worked as a consultant for the organizations like Learn to Earn Dayton, various ADAMHS Boards, and the Ross and Ruth Downing Family Foundation as well as a trainer for the Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services, Ohio Department of Development, Ohio Governor’s Community Services Council, Ohio CDC Association and other state-level entities.  She also has served as an administrator and clinician for 38 years in the greater Dayton area.