August Chapter Meeting

The Other Side of the Application: Become a Peer Reviewer. This session provides insights on how to become a reviewer and the processes once selected. Even though each funding agency is different, this session will explore how you become a reviewer, what to expect with the process and what to glean from the experience. Take your grant professional career to the next level by serving as a reviewer!

Grant professionals attending this workshop will leave having learned:

  • Where federal agencies post reviewer information
  • Requirements for reviewers
  • How to become registered for reviewer pools
  • Training and conference call requirements
  • Roles within the review process
  • What a review panel is tasked with
  • What to expect once placed on a panel
  • Time table for the work
  • Compensation for reviewers
  • Ethics and confidentiality in grant reviews

Presenter Bio

Ericka Harney is an 18-year veteran of the nonprofit and education sectors, fulfilling a passion for women and girl’s success along the way. Ericka has served as an international representative for the US, raised millions in funds for great missions, and co-founded a social enterprise. She has been a contributing author for industry publications and a guest on several business blogs and podcasts. Ericka is sharing her knowledge and thrives on helping others at, a regular keynote and session speaker, finishing a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, and continues a life mission of improving the soft skills of all professionals.